"LIKES" from Another World

Sadly, there are cyber leeches out there looking to suck your marketing dollars (quite a mental picture, eh?).

Yesterday, I saw a Facebook post “Free Page Likes.” I get a kick out of investigating these suspicious offers, so I clicked in. Here, http://www.fb-tryit.com/, they promised 20-50 LIKES and teased me with 3,000 more. I have several biz pages (my own) that I use for testing purposes, so I gave it a try.

Results… as suspected! About 20+ Facebook people LIKED my test pages…. ALL FROM DUBAI, INDIA & other exotic places. Also, the likes were from ALL THE SAME PEOPLE, and not a surprise, IN THE SAME ORDER. Just to further validate this scam, I looked at some of their pages and found that the posts on these pages were all shares with no introductions/comments... no human interaction.

The QUALITY of your page LIKES is important. Your Facebook marketing should be targeted to demographics that will buy your product or service. Your time is valuable and your posts should reach potential customers, not an unemployed web designer in India.

It isn’t all about numbers! Take a lesson from LinkedIn... connections need to be valid & valued.

#scam #Facebook #LIKES #marketing #socialmedia #investment #digital

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