What's Your Identity?

You've invested in a business name, a brand, and a website domain name. Are you getting the most out of that investment? One item that people often forget is to claim their Facebook user name. Gone unclaimed, your Facebook address might look like this: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lees-Chinese-Kitchen/113479698673247. Once a user name is claimed it can be a better marketing tool: www.facebook.com/Lees-Chinese-Kitchen. Doesn't that look better in print!

Here's how: Go to your business page and click on "About". Go to Username and enter your name as you would like it to appear in marketing applications. It might already be taken, but be creative and try again. Once you have a clean user name, be sure to update any links to your Facebook page, such as the one on your website.

Same is true for LinkedIn. If you haven't created a business page, it is important that you do. Even if you never plan to work LinkedIn, by having a business page you are helping the SEO of your website. Every time your business is listed anywhere online, it helps move you up in the Google/Bing/Yahoo page rankings.

Tally Ho!


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